How To Add Friends on WSOP? [With & Without Facebook]

For new users, it can be confusing to add friends in a WSOP game. So if you are looking to know how you can add friends to this free online poker game then this article is for you. Because here in this article you can find a complete guide on it with step by step process.

There are so many benefits if you have more friends in this game. Like you can get free wsop chips by requesting them and collecting them when they send them to you. You can also send chips to them as well and they will not be deducted from your game wallet.

Another great thing about having friends in the WSOP game is that you don’t have to use any promo codes to get free rewards in this game. You can simply play this game with your friends at one table and win huge rewards.

It is always fun to play a WSOP game with your own friends and you can also have little competition on what clubs you are playing and even who is tipping more to the dealer.

There are mainly two methods available in wsop game for adding new friends. One is you invite them from your Facebook and another is you make friends at the table while playing the game. In this article, you will find step-by-step processes on both of those methods.

How To Add Friends on WSOP? [With Facebook]

The first method we are covering is how you can add friends in a wsop game when you have connected your Facebook account with the game. Follow below step-by-step process:

Step 1: In order to add new friends with Facebook, first open the wsop app on your mobile device and click on the little three people icon available in the down-right corner. (Refer to the below image)

Image - Click on Friend Icon

Step 2: On the next step, you can see the complete dashboard there, click on the ‘Invite’ button available in the top left corner there.

Image - Click on Invite

Step 3: Now it will redirect you to your web browser and ask you to log in with your Facebook account. So you can log in with your Facebook account from where you want to invite your friends.

Image - Login With Facebook

Step 4: There you can see all the friends you want to invite to play this wsop game from your Facebook. You can simply click on the ‘+’ icon available there to invite particular friends you want to play with.

Image - Add Friends on WSOP

Now once they accept your request, they can download this game on their phone and then start playing this amazing game with you and other friends.

How To Add Friends on WSOP? [Without Facebook]

There are some people who don’t have many friends on Facebook but they still want to make some friends through this game and play with them.

If you are one of them, there is also a process available where you can add friends without inviting them. Just follow the below steps:

  • First, open the game, start playing on the table you like, and if there is any player whom you want to send a friend request, click on his/her profile.
Image - Add Friends on WSOP from Table
  • On the next step simply click on the friend request icon available in the left top corner, and it will send a friend request to that person.
Image - Send Friend Request

And once that person accepts your friend’s request you can see him/her in your friend list. You can add as many friends as you want with this method and once they are your friends in the game you can also invite them to play the game with you.


Can you play WSOP with friends?

Yes, you can play WSOP with your friends, all you have to do is invite all of your friends to the game through Facebook or with another method that we discussed in this article.

How do you chat with friends on the WSOP app?

You can chat while playing on a table with your friends or other players you are playing with by clicking on the little chat available in the left top corner of the table.

How do I create a private table in WSOP with friends?

It is very simple to create a private table in WSOP. Simply click on the table-type button, choose Friends from there and create the table.


Here in this article, we share two methods to add friends in wsop. One method uses Facebook to invite friends and in the second method, you can directly add friends from the table. So if you like this article please share it with your friends so they can also know about this process and you can play this amazing game altogether.

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